Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chocolate Butterflies

For my girlfriend's wedding, I made chocolate butterflies to top the cupcakes. Thanks to the book: Hello, Cupcake!

It was a great book...I used the modified cake recipe and it tasted great. It was a fabulous wedding and I was so glad to be able to celebrate their day with them. I am so happy for them!

I also got my hair cut this past week...and love it!

Well, my three kitties are ready for bed...have a lovely week...
Paula :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sneak Peek & crash & Burn...

Here it is...the companion piece to "My Chair" called..."My Desk". Isn't she lovely? Cathy did a lovely job stitching her and Stitch Niche in Arlington did a lovely job stretching and framing her. Nice when it all comes together. This is going out to the distributors as I write and also to some shops... If you are interested in this pattern, contact your local Needlework Shop! It is stitched on Picture This Plus cashel chime fabric with DMC floss.

And now to the crash & burn...remember yesterday how I mentioned that we got rain? Well, that is great except when you ride a road bike (bicycle) and you get ran off the road...the mud just grabs your tire and you -well stick, stop, fall...and with clips you are pretty much just riding it down. As fun as that may sound, it can and usually does hurt. It usually happens where there are lots of witnesses. So, my baby was hurt (my bike)...see picture. Lucky for me the only thing that hit the concrete was the corner of my off to get new grips. A little bit of mud, which did not allow for me to insert right foot into right clip the rest of the way... But the bright side is that other than a couple of well placed bruises (no picture or further comment here) I'm fine. Okay, the pride was wounded a little too...but got lots of sympathy from the troops. They are a great group to ride with and yes I just kept smiling. It was a beautiful night and enjoyed it despite the mud and the over agressive rider. I forgave him...

Well, I will leave you with this...Mr. Gray and his comments on the above incident. :)

Happy Stitching!


Friday, August 15, 2008

There's a mouse on his back!

As promised, a photo of Mr. Gray's so looks like a mouse with a nice long tail, huh?

Have a lovely weekend! We got a nice bit of rain this morning that was so needed. It has been so hot and dry.

Happy Stitching!
Paula :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've been Creating

Well, my major accomplishment was really finishing my first sock. I am half way done with the second - yes I am at the heel turn!!! I broke 2, yes 2 knitting needles finishing the toe. I guess I was knitting a little tight!!!

Then in the spirit of being green...I decided to make some grocery bags. I just love Valori Wells' fabric! While reading her blog I found her tutorial/pattern for these bags. They are absolutely wonderful, made out of her home decor fabric to give a little more strength, long handles, and a nice rectangular flat bottom - while being completely lined. She calls it her grocery tote! What I love is that when I take them to Whole Foods I get a credit of 10 cents per bag each time I shop! :) Plus, I am not polluting. These bags are so nice and roomy and can really carry the goods! I know because I have packed cartons of milk in them! Plus, they work great in a pinch to put things together to go to the post office. Love that! Thanks Valori! Go check out her stuff, very cool! :)

I'm knitting while watching the olymics. Just wish I didn't have to get up so early in the morning...just want to stay up and watch...and I'm not a big TV watcher...but this is very amazing!

I will leave you with one last picture, my son's cat, Mr. Gray. :He is the son of the Queen, Miss Knickers. The Royalty runs in the family. I will try to get a photo of his back. I swear his white marking on his back resembles a mouse! :)
Happy Stitching!

Paula :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Finally...a New Look!

I hope you enjoy the new look, many thanks to Grumpy Cow for incorporating my painting and cross stitch designs of "Sunbathing" into my header!

Check out the links - I added the PDF file to this for "be.inspired". I am getting there!

Next to add Flicker!
Paula :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Free Chart - Be.Inspired

Hi, I know it has been a long time. Right. I actually have been very BIZZI. I will post today the new free design - that was actually released in February at market...but I got it framed now! Thanks to Stitch Niche for the fine finishing!
So...I will post the link to the pattern soon on the side bar. I will also be updating my look thanks to Grumpy Cow! sO...Changes aRe coming...SoOn! :)
Have a happy stitchin' week...and stay cool. It is only suppose to be 106 today.
Paula :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Love Great Surprises!!!

Wow! I was surprised! I went to my book club the other night. We had been on a break since our last book finished, one got married, and well life in general intervened for a few weeks...actually a month. They had a surprise birthday party for myself and another friend, Sandi! We had cupcakes made in ice cream cool and actually easy to eat! Got to remember that idea. Wish I had a picture to show you. Anyhow, they are the best! Many Thanks! It truly made my day, week, year...very nice. ~Paula
PS Flowers from my friend, Steph!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I added a few butterflies to this simple store bought t-shirt for a special little girl! I drew the design on paper and cut out the fabric butterflies. Once I positioned on the shirt I outlined in a tight zig zag and made the little antenaes. This was a quick fun project that is sure to add a little joy to any little girl!

To catch up on my previous posts, I did make my century mark! Yeah! Hard to believe I have ran 100 miles since January...however I had to stop running over the last few weeks. I am back at it this week and looking forward to more centuries to pass...especially when my asthma specialist told me that if he hadn't known I was on medication he would have thought I had normal lungs! Wow, what a difference a little exercise can make! That made my week. Now if live oak trees didn't bother me so much...I know, that is what treadmills are for.

Happy sewing!
Paula :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My son and I enjoyed the butterfly display at the Ft. Worth Arboretum this week. A lovely white paper butterfly here. We had a few land on us and a lot flutter about us. It was such a happy feeling to be surrounded by colourful too!

My new butterfly trip inspired designs will be showing up soon...keep posted.

Happy days to everyone!
Paula :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bathing is So Overrated...

When you look this good, who needs to bath?
I guess this is a little telling of the condition of my porch...I suppose I should sweep it or something. Hard to believe we had snow last Monday and Thursday and now we are at 75 degrees. Wow! Well, I have a hot date with those tennis shoes in the picture I go. I have passed the 80 mile mark, I let you know when I hit the century. :) Have a great week! ~Paula

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Queen, herself, actually

Nuff said.

Yes, she rules my world. :) (from the top of my pillows...silly girl.)

Paula :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Beauty and the Earth

Oh Valentines Day...what fun to watch... It was a crazy time, as I had just returned from Nashville...which was a blast! I had fun with Megan from Needlework Retailer. She does an amazing job with the magazine and is fun to be around! We also joined up with Kathi from Wichelt Imports. Kathi is the marketing director and all around great gal. We managed to slip away a couple of evenings and laugh and talk and laugh some more. Isn't that what we all need every now and again! Thank you so much for that much needed chuckle!

Back to Valentines, the flowers were a special gift, to an inspiration for a new piece that I am designing that will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My friend, Karen, co-pilot or should I say driver to Nashville, besides being an awesome person is a cancer SURVIVOR! Wahoo!! Plus, there is a wonderful friend Becca that frequents Stitch Niche that is a fantabulous person and cancer SURVIVOR and stitcher, too! How awesome is that??!! So, with their input I am placing a wonderful flower on a design with a little praise for those incredible people that I happen to share a little space with in time. I hope to have the design done soon so I can post. I will be making kits and have them ready sometime shortly thereafter... Back to the flowers, the lovely lady at Bailey's Flowers did this incredible arrangement! She did a great job! Hopefully there will be a new painting in the works to mirror this wonderful creation.

This last picture was of the moon eclipse the other night. Between clouds, I was able to see the earth's shadow cover the surface of the moon. It is just so amazing to me and it seems that I do not have the opportunity to see this every time so...I had to take it in with my cats out on the porch. What a beautiful night, perfect temperature with a slight breeze - ahhhhhh. to sleep actually...have a wonderful weekend! ~Paula

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Market, to market...home again

Hello...well, here is a little taste of the fun I had at market. I added my little bee (okay not so little) to my door for a little marketing. I think it was noticable...from well across the atrium. :) It was fun... Not bad for some wrapping paper, scissors, razor blade and some tape! (Okay, okay a chair to stand on, too. I am a "little" horizontally challenged.)

Well, I did not get to tell you but now I can... I painted the cover for the 15th anniversary cover of the NMI market Show guide! I will share that with you soon. You can request a print of it or the cookbook cover by emailing me. :)

We had a great time. The weather was wonderful and the drive went smooth.

I have so much more to share so keep checking back!
Many blessings, Paula :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Releases

New Playful Series...Trios...Elegance...Mardi Gras much fun and colour!!!!!

I am having a wonderful time.
Paula :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

A little Tease

I know it isn't fair...but I just cannot keep it to myself much longer! I know it is only a few more days to house could tell you that if it spoke. My help is sleeping on the job. See exhibit A.

This is Knickers...and I have just asked too much from her I guess. She is staying near me so at least my activities have not kept her from her beauty sleep. A cat must have its sleep!

Okay, okay, the tease...what has colour (you know me by now), wires, and hangs...well here is a little picture of one of my latest designs being released at market this weekend... Ta Da!!!!

I hope that will keep you for a day or so... Happy stitching, knitting, sewing, painting, crafting, for it is so wonderful to create!

~Paula :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Cookin'

Here is a little colourful stir fry. I mixed zuchini, carrots, onion, and shrimp...a little soy sauce.

I have been in the process of cooking more and eating healthier and oh what a difference.

Another dish was a little piece of Yellow Fin Tuna seared on each side with salt and pepper with stir fry green beans with yellow bell pepper and almonds!

Then we cannot forget about the cats...they have been having fun. Here they are relaxing...and little bit on top didn't make room for her mom (below). Too funny. Hope you are having a nice weekend! ~Paula

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Belated Baby Gift

I just love new babies! I love gifting new babies! So...this is for a co-worker's grandbaby who spends time at her home. It is a pink fleece blanket that I added a bias trim in a lovely baltik fabric. I took some terry cloth and cut out a bib and trimed it to match. Then to make it special I drew out the initial "M" and appliqued it out of the fabric. The closure is velcro. Make sure the scratchy side is on the main bib so it will not rub the neck as they grow! I machine sew down the trim on one side, but I prefer the painstaking handsewing of the binding on the reverse. It just looks so much better on the blanket. On the bib, which will get lots of washings I use a small zig-zag. So it is ready to go!
I have so much that I want to show...but, there is the element of surprise for Market. So, keeping with the spirit, I will show you after I have revealed it in Nashville. :) I had the priviledge of painting the cover for the 15th Anniversary Show Guide. Very cool. I also have some more of my Trios, some new wraps, a Santa, and get the picture. I have been a BIZZI Bee. :)
We had some cold weather and that just motivates me to sew and create. I am even painting my own canvas for a little extra surprise! Well, back to it...that and the laundry, cleaning, and weekly chores...oh yeah I need to go get some groceries! Have a super weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay, I haven't been sleeping...and I will prove it! I have lots of fun colourful goodies that I have been creating. I love the new book "Last Minute Gifts" and I have added some variations to them! So fun!!! Get ready for lots of pictures!
I will start with a lovely wreath my friend Sandi made for me!

I just love the detail...see second picture! She is just so talented! Her tree this year was awesome...wish I had a picture to share. It was so unusual with birds, golds, browns, and a touch of turquoise.

Anyhow, I just love turquoise and she knew...and it was just a beautiful compliment to my home.
Oh and one must have decorations for the tree...and I made 3! These are gifts...and from the delightful book "Last Minute Gifts". I added the bit of lace on the underside.

Now to bring in the new year one must dress everything appropriately! That gets us to my next picture. I have had this pattern for a long time and instead of buying buttons I have really enjoying making my own covered buttons. They just finish it off just right.

Now to get organized one must have a place for their pins...and what a lovely, colourful place indeed! This is another "Last Minute Gift" pattern. I added a button on the top and bottom and the lovely pins.

I picked up the pins at JoAnn's.
Have a lovely week!
Be Creative!