Monday, April 21, 2008


I added a few butterflies to this simple store bought t-shirt for a special little girl! I drew the design on paper and cut out the fabric butterflies. Once I positioned on the shirt I outlined in a tight zig zag and made the little antenaes. This was a quick fun project that is sure to add a little joy to any little girl!

To catch up on my previous posts, I did make my century mark! Yeah! Hard to believe I have ran 100 miles since January...however I had to stop running over the last few weeks. I am back at it this week and looking forward to more centuries to pass...especially when my asthma specialist told me that if he hadn't known I was on medication he would have thought I had normal lungs! Wow, what a difference a little exercise can make! That made my week. Now if live oak trees didn't bother me so much...I know, that is what treadmills are for.

Happy sewing!
Paula :)