Monday, August 22, 2005


"If the Broom fits..." is complete! I have the PDF file available for those who want it. It is a FREE bee design. For complete details on the program refer to my website - free bees.

I also picked up a few new designs from the framer and excited about photographing and publishing them soon. I will let you know when they are available.

Oh, and if you liked the artwork published below with watercolour pens - experiment. It is available in note cards (blank inside). Just let me know.

Well, it is Monday and plenty to do! Have a Marvelous Monday!
Paula :-)

Friday, August 19, 2005


I just love Fridays...they are the inspiration for the weekend. I find they either give me energy to create or vegetate. I always have a list too long to complete any given day much less a weekend. But, it feels so great to start a Monday off when I can at least check something off my endless list!

I just added stitching my new FREE bee to the list as I just received the fun fabric - some Aida 14 count Purple Potter. I'm not a big fan of Aida cloth, but I just love this full rich colour! It is a simple design, finishing approximately 4"x4". So that will be fun.

Paula :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Experimenting with watercolour pens

This has been fun. I have done some new drawings utilizing watercolour pens. They do blend and I find it is so similar in application, that if you do not want something to bleed into something else to wait until the area is dried before applying. As with regular watercolour, you must, I repeat MUST save your whites (paper). You also must start with the light colours and work towards dark- what I call giving depth to the painting.

Start with something small. Draw a simple picture and experiment. Do not skimp on paper quality. I find that the heavier paper allows for a more colourful and detailed painting.

Happy Creating!
Paula :-)

Paintings, sewing, designing and such!

Hi, I just started this blog to talk about my fun adventures with BIZZI Creations. I will try to keep you up with where I am going...what I am doing...and what I have been up to (at least creatively :)!

I look forward to hearing from everyone and I feel that is so important in life. Since school is back in session I have been thinking more about taking painting lessons and even trying to teach some.

Before I close, I will mention that I might talk about my two cats, two dogs, husband, or son even along the way. SO, stay tuned.

Currently, my cross stitch designs are on view (trunk show) at Cross Stitch Unlimited in Arlington, MA! It will be there through mid- September.

I will be releasing a new FREE BEE cross stitch design for Halloween! I think it is a kick! I will let you know when I have it available on the website. I am trying to create PDF files so you don't have to wait for the snail mail!

Have a fantabulous day!!!!
Paula :-)