Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Cookin'

Here is a little colourful stir fry. I mixed zuchini, carrots, onion, and shrimp...a little soy sauce.

I have been in the process of cooking more and eating healthier and oh what a difference.

Another dish was a little piece of Yellow Fin Tuna seared on each side with salt and pepper with stir fry green beans with yellow bell pepper and almonds!

Then we cannot forget about the cats...they have been having fun. Here they are relaxing...and little bit on top didn't make room for her mom (below). Too funny. Hope you are having a nice weekend! ~Paula

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Belated Baby Gift

I just love new babies! I love gifting new babies! So...this is for a co-worker's grandbaby who spends time at her home. It is a pink fleece blanket that I added a bias trim in a lovely baltik fabric. I took some terry cloth and cut out a bib and trimed it to match. Then to make it special I drew out the initial "M" and appliqued it out of the fabric. The closure is velcro. Make sure the scratchy side is on the main bib so it will not rub the neck as they grow! I machine sew down the trim on one side, but I prefer the painstaking handsewing of the binding on the reverse. It just looks so much better on the blanket. On the bib, which will get lots of washings I use a small zig-zag. So it is ready to go!
I have so much that I want to show...but, there is the element of surprise for Market. So, keeping with the spirit, I will show you after I have revealed it in Nashville. :) I had the priviledge of painting the cover for the 15th Anniversary Show Guide. Very cool. I also have some more of my Trios, some new wraps, a Santa, and get the picture. I have been a BIZZI Bee. :)
We had some cold weather and that just motivates me to sew and create. I am even painting my own canvas for a little extra surprise! Well, back to it...that and the laundry, cleaning, and weekly chores...oh yeah I need to go get some groceries! Have a super weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay, I haven't been sleeping...and I will prove it! I have lots of fun colourful goodies that I have been creating. I love the new book "Last Minute Gifts" and I have added some variations to them! So fun!!! Get ready for lots of pictures!
I will start with a lovely wreath my friend Sandi made for me!

I just love the detail...see second picture! She is just so talented! Her tree this year was awesome...wish I had a picture to share. It was so unusual with birds, golds, browns, and a touch of turquoise.

Anyhow, I just love turquoise and she knew...and it was just a beautiful compliment to my home.
Oh and one must have decorations for the tree...and I made 3! These are gifts...and from the delightful book "Last Minute Gifts". I added the bit of lace on the underside.

Now to bring in the new year one must dress everything appropriately! That gets us to my next picture. I have had this pattern for a long time and instead of buying buttons I have really enjoying making my own covered buttons. They just finish it off just right.

Now to get organized one must have a place for their pins...and what a lovely, colourful place indeed! This is another "Last Minute Gift" pattern. I added a button on the top and bottom and the lovely pins.

I picked up the pins at JoAnn's.
Have a lovely week!
Be Creative!