Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay, I haven't been sleeping...and I will prove it! I have lots of fun colourful goodies that I have been creating. I love the new book "Last Minute Gifts" and I have added some variations to them! So fun!!! Get ready for lots of pictures!
I will start with a lovely wreath my friend Sandi made for me!

I just love the detail...see second picture! She is just so talented! Her tree this year was awesome...wish I had a picture to share. It was so unusual with birds, golds, browns, and a touch of turquoise.

Anyhow, I just love turquoise and she knew...and it was just a beautiful compliment to my home.
Oh and one must have decorations for the tree...and I made 3! These are gifts...and from the delightful book "Last Minute Gifts". I added the bit of lace on the underside. Fun...fun...

Now to bring in the new year one must dress everything appropriately! That gets us to my next picture. I have had this pattern for a long time and instead of buying buttons I have really enjoying making my own covered buttons. They just finish it off just right.

Now to get organized one must have a place for their pins...and what a lovely, colourful place indeed! This is another "Last Minute Gift" pattern. I added a button on the top and bottom and the lovely pins.

I picked up the pins at JoAnn's.
Have a lovely week!
Be Creative!


J Rae said...

You're so talented. The wreath is gorgeous and the birds are so cute!

Hannah said...

Wow! You HAVE been a BizziBee! =p I love everything. The pin cushions are adorable.

I love covered buttons, too!