Friday, February 22, 2008

Beauty and the Earth

Oh Valentines Day...what fun to watch... It was a crazy time, as I had just returned from Nashville...which was a blast! I had fun with Megan from Needlework Retailer. She does an amazing job with the magazine and is fun to be around! We also joined up with Kathi from Wichelt Imports. Kathi is the marketing director and all around great gal. We managed to slip away a couple of evenings and laugh and talk and laugh some more. Isn't that what we all need every now and again! Thank you so much for that much needed chuckle!

Back to Valentines, the flowers were a special gift, to an inspiration for a new piece that I am designing that will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My friend, Karen, co-pilot or should I say driver to Nashville, besides being an awesome person is a cancer SURVIVOR! Wahoo!! Plus, there is a wonderful friend Becca that frequents Stitch Niche that is a fantabulous person and cancer SURVIVOR and stitcher, too! How awesome is that??!! So, with their input I am placing a wonderful flower on a design with a little praise for those incredible people that I happen to share a little space with in time. I hope to have the design done soon so I can post. I will be making kits and have them ready sometime shortly thereafter... Back to the flowers, the lovely lady at Bailey's Flowers did this incredible arrangement! She did a great job! Hopefully there will be a new painting in the works to mirror this wonderful creation.

This last picture was of the moon eclipse the other night. Between clouds, I was able to see the earth's shadow cover the surface of the moon. It is just so amazing to me and it seems that I do not have the opportunity to see this every time so...I had to take it in with my cats out on the porch. What a beautiful night, perfect temperature with a slight breeze - ahhhhhh. to sleep actually...have a wonderful weekend! ~Paula

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