Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have officially re-started my first pair of socks. As in this is my second attempt...but I am pumped. I don't think I will take these on the train just yet until I get a wee bit more comfortable with this...just need some weight on them so they don't get all twisted... But, this is cool. The instructions are from Interweave Press and very nicely illustrated. And of course I have my handy bee measuring tape.
These lovely ladies are my people. I am there servant. Their wish is my command for the most part. Notice they are on MY CLOTHES...I was trying to lay out and get read to go...they had other "stay for a while, huh???" Notice Elsie the one on the left has her ears back a bit, she was not interested in moving...she was comfortable. It is amazing how much personality these guys have. The one on the right is a cuddle bug (Knickers)...but Elsie - don't touch the fur, unless I want you to...only on her terms. Do you know people like that?

Have a wonderful Friday...hopefully more sock progress to show soon.
Many blessings,
Paula :)

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